28 September 2012

Kendal, Josh & Nick Individuals

 I just did some individuals of my family.  This is my beautiful sister-in-law Kendal.  She is breathtaking and just as beautiful as she is on the outside, she is more so on the inside.  Love her to pieces

 This is lil' Josh.  He has a sense of humor 10 times the size of his little body.  He's a HOOT!

 Nick is such a sweet sensitive guy.  He seems all serious, but then he'll laugh at the drop of a hat.  You just wanna hug this kid!

 See...isn't Kendal a knockout?  I concur.
 Love this one.  They are so loving to each other, makes my heart melt.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures of them!  Wish we could have visited longer!