28 September 2012

"Makin" it Beautiful!

Meet the Makin Family!  They are a great family I've know for a few years now.  It's always nice when you can re-connect with old friends.  They have been through tough times this past year but have come out on top and I am so happy for their little family!
This pic of Mr. C and his daddy melts my heart...this little boy has recovered from traumatic injuries and is truly a miracle...
 I told you these guys were beautiful!
 What a HOT couple these two make!
 This is miss B...one of the BOGO twins! Hehe...as their mama likes to call them.  I am in love with her freckles:)
 Okay...second Miss little B...she is the tom boy with killer good looks!  Boys better watch out!
 I love this sibling shot.  They don't hold anything back with how they feel...XOXO
 Okay...Miss baby B....need I say more?  She is full of spunk and drop dead gorgeous!
 Mr. C....you could get lost in those chocolate eyes!  Such a perfect mix of Dad and Mom...
 The wheels on the bus???  True colors ALWAYS come out!  L.O.V.E.
 Had to post this beautiful moment between mother and son.  Her children are her heart and soul.  Can you feel it?  How could you not?
 Cute little beans!
What an amazing day...an amazing shoot...with INCREDIBLE people!  Thank you Makin Family for the good time!