28 September 2012

My one and only ONE year old!

This is what I get to wake up to everyday.  I am one lucky mama!
 SO proud of himself cause he can stand and take steps on mommy's bed.
 All about the books!
He LOVES his daddy...had to get this shot.
 He is fearless...He thinks he can let go and do everything himself, like walking in a slick stream full of rocks.  Always safe in Daddy's arms though...
 We did let him sit alone for 1 1/2 seconds while we hovered of course.  Pure joy for him!
This little boy lights up my life!  He is such a cutie and I could just eat him up every day...wait...I DO!  He is such an amazing blessing in my life and I just wanted to post a few since he turned one last month.  YES...I am late on posting his 1 year old pics...but this should sustain you until I can get them up.