07 October 2012

2013 Senior Girl Rep

Meet my niece Marli... a beautiful young lady inside and out.  She is a 2013 Senior and can't wait to be done with HS:)
 She has so many ambitions...one of which is to graduate from culinary school.  She is amazing at making delicious food and is quite talented.
 She is the oldest child in her family and is such a good big sis!
 Her beautiful smile is contagious!

 What a beauty...even though I was really sick, I thoroughly enjoyed taking her pictures.  There is such a finality in doing Senior pictures.  It's like their cross over into adulthood.  I'm weird...but that's how I feel whenever I shoot these.
Thanks for the fun time Marli...the joking, the smiles, the "in" into your life, even if it was for only a short time!  Love you girlie!