14 October 2012

Fall Minishoot Family #6

I've known Bec for 18 years.  Man we are old;)  I knew her before I was pregnant with my now 17 year old son.  These mini shoot sessions have been wonderful because I've made new friends and re-connected with old ones.  I'm so thankful for this.  You have a BEAUTIFUL family Becky and I'm so happy for you!
 They warned me that their youngest was difficult and wouldn't smile.  I was SO happy to snatch a few since her sweet daddy can make her laugh...I was READY to snap it!
 Snap it I did!
 Mr. Z is the oldest and he's turning out to be quite a looker!
 My and my stylist were commenting on how cute Miss S's nose crinkle smile is darling...
 Little Miss "A".  Look at those blue eyes!  Such cute kiddos you have Becky & Randy!
Thanks for trusting me to take these precious photos!