23 October 2012

"H" Family

This is my friend Liz's family.  I adore this woman.  I've known her for about 17 years.  Man...I dated myself:)  This is her handsome son, Mr. A who is also a Senior.  This smarty pants is graduating early and is only 17...the youngest in his class.
 Beautiful Liz...Love you!
 Their family is darling!  I will be sad when they move next summer:(
 Every sibling relationship has it's up and downs but I love this pose, their smiles...says it all.
 Making mom laugh...

 Love the laughs!
 Okay...this 13 year old does NOT look 13!  She is beautiful and her eyes just POP!
 This cutie pie is older...I know...she HATES it because she looks younger than her baby sis.  But she is 14 almost 15!
We had fun...I'm so glad I got to enjoy this time with them!