29 November 2012

Mr. "D" Baptism

This is Mr. "D".  I'm sure you are thinking..."BOY, she has a lot of kids in her primary class!"  Well, not really...but one of my favorite things is to take their pictures for their baptisms.  It brings me such joy!
 Mr. "D" came into our class late in the year, but we are so thankful he did!  We have fun with this boisterous little boy!
 I can't tell you how excited he is to be baptized!  We talked the whole way there about it!  He is so proud that his grandpa is going to baptize him.
 I love seeing my little primary kiddos wearing their CTR rings to remember to CHOOSE THE RIGHT!
 A shot I snapped when he wasn't noticing.  I love it too:)
 He loved just staring at the Temple.
Can't wait for Saturday Mr. D!!!