18 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Meet my dear friend Kyra and her darling family!  I love this family SO much and am blessed to also have them as neighbors!  If you couldn't tell...they are a HOOT to hang out with...
 It was SOOOOOOO cold that we lasted literally 2 seconds up in SLC for pics by the water.  Since they are from Washington...it was only fitting that they wanted water:)
 But alas...the Frrrreeeezing weather, snow, water, and for Miss "P" the fear of ducks (bwahahaha) got the best of them and we headed back home.
 But not before we caught a few keepers!
 Well, back home we ended up back outside anyway! LOVE the fact that miss "P" is oblivious to anything but eating the snow..haha.
Snowball fights are a blast!  Miss P: "I think I'll get Kelly!"  Not so fast!  Thanks "Y" family for the fun time!  Love you ...MERRY CHRISTMAS!