17 February 2013

PGHS Senior

Meet Josh...I've been good friends with his dad for years now.  Love this family and this kid is no exception to how great this family is!
 He graduates this year.  His older brother is on a mission and he will soon follow suit.
 Even though it was freezing outside, this senior never complained once!  Okay...he didn't enjoy when the freezing water would drip down from the rooftops...but still...not a word of discontentment!
 He was so fun to shoot.  As you can tell...I love the serious pics.

Josh you are a natural!
 I also enjoy when Seniors bring something they love or are interested in...scrubs look good on you!
 Hazy sun...we are just glad it showed it's face that day!
I wish you the best of luck Josh...in all your life's pursuits!  BIG HUG!