15 August 2013

A Family who plays together...Stays together!

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and taking this sweet family's pictures over a year ago.  I met them through her sister and I am SO glad I did!  I've had the pleasure of following her on Facebook, seeing her beautiful children grow and watching their family have fun!  They came back out to visit family this year and to my delight...I got the chance to take their family photos again!  Yay for me!  Such a good time and they are SO easy going!  Yes...even with 6 kids!  I loved every minute of it!  Plus, what couple is usually laughing when they keep getting directions screwed up and end up being late to the shoot but still have a GREAT attitude during pics!?!  Not many I tell ya...  This family has happiness, fun, and playfulness in spades.  Sad to see you go again Wray family!  Until next year...
I love this family picture I captured from the back.  So sweet how big sis is holding her little brothers hand.  Such love for each other in simple moments.
This cutie was a ham...but boy I tell ya, when he was done at the end of the night...he was DONE. lol...
 Mr. "P" captured my heart.  He was just a wee babe the last time I took his picture and boy has he grown!  Never wanted to stand still long enough for me to snap his smile...how cute is he!?!
 Little "D" was a ham:)  She had smiles to share and THEN some!  Such a sweet innocent little thing. I adore her!
 This couple is SO cute together.  You can tell they are best friends.  Their chemistry with each other and with their kids is endearing.
 Absolutely love this one...period.
 A family who plays together...stays together.  So true.  You can tell these guys have a BLAST together!
 Second oldest and darling!  Her smile is contagious.
 This cute girl makes being the oldest look easy.  Such a beautiful girl!
 Handsome man and oldest boy of the family.  The whole shoot he didn't talk all that much, but was busy busy in the sand, and with his hands. :)
 Picture time means these two have to get their pictures done together.  What a great example to sisters everywhere to enjoy your childhood and each other, not just when you are grown and married...but appreciate each other while young as well.  XOXOXO
These kids are just TOO DARN CUTE!
Wray family...I think another SUCCESS!