24 October 2012

Extended Family Shoot!

This is my beautiful friend Lisa's family.  She lives in Arizona, so it was my privilege to get to take these wonderful photographs.
 She is one of three gorgeous sisters...knock outs!
 What a beautiful family!  They raised incredible ladies!
 Such a sweet couple:)
 This is the oldest sister and her family...they just moved to Utah.  SO cute!
 And...the baby sis and her family.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree with these kids!  We can tell where they get the mold for their good looks!
 Awe...my sweet friend Lisa and her darling family.  I am so grateful that even though it is only once a year (maybe) that I see her...it makes me so happy to catch up when we get the chance.  I was excited to meet her sweet husband and cute boys.
Thank you again Lisa...for letting me capture these moments!  Love you and hope to see you again soon!  XOXO