30 October 2012

Headshots & Sweethearts

This is my oldest brother Jaime.  We needed to get some head shots so we ventured out with his daughter (previous post) and beautiful wife Kathi, to downtown SLC.  
 He is the author and cartoonist of the "Wanted Hero" series.  Check out his work on www.wantedhero.com and see his amazing talent!
 Since we were out...it had been a LONG time since he had a picture with his sweetie so I told her to get in there and we shot a few!
 What a handsome guy!
 Kathi...even after all these years and 11 beautiful children later...you amaze me at how gorgeous you are!
 Love this alley way pic!
 Jaime does "serious" faces really well.  So I was VERY happy to catch smiling pics of him!
It was a great time with all three of you!  Miss you, love you, let's do this again soon!  XOXO