10 November 2012

Snowy baptism...

Meet Miss "S".  She used to be in our Primary class but moved a few months back.  Oh how we miss her!  She was such an example to the rest of the class...and her taking the step to be baptized is just one more thing we get to be proud of her for!
 It was a beautiful snowy day today so I wanted to make it an all white baptism shoot, notwithstanding the umbrella of course!
 She is SO beautiful...just like her mama!  She comes from the sweetest family.  They also used to be our neighbors!  We were blessed to have them in our lives, even if for only a short time.
 It brings me such joy to spend time with her again!
 What a little cutie pie...

 Miss "S"...you make me smile...always.  You bring the warmest sunshine to even a cold day.  Love you girlie!  Miss you and can't wait for your special day! XOXOXO