10 October 2012

Our Family Pictures

It's always hard for a photographer to find someone they trust to take their pictures for them...for me, I am a lucky girl to have a couple fellow photographers AND friends around me who will snap some pics for me and let me do the rest.
 I had this idea to take my son's bed and put it in a field and have it all decked out with color and "stuff" around...So I hired a sweet photography stylist: Rhonda from FOREVER BELA.  She is a gem!  She took my vision and made it a reality...THANK YOU THANK YOU Rhonda!
 I got to snap the pics of my husband and children...but then my good friend Mikki of Mikki Grimley Photography took our family's pictures.  I am very happy with the way they turned out!

This young man is such a sweet spirit.  He is the most loving, considerate boy.  His love for his family abounds...
 I love just letting the setting, the individuals be what they may...whether it is an "off" day or a cranky baby...I enjoy the realness of it all.  I'd honestly rather have a thousand snapshot photographs of my family with our personalities than 1 good posed one!
 You can't get a better teenager than this... He was sent straight from Heaven to bless my life, and that he has!
 This picture of my husband and son melts my heart.  His love for this boy is endearing.
What a good man I married...he loves my boys like his own. Very lucky lucky gal I am!
 Oohh baby...LOVE THIS MAN!
 Happiness is just this...I have anything and everything I could ever want or need...right on this bed.

 Nothing cuter than my baby loving standing at the end on his own...Mikki did so good getting him to smile and laugh!

 As harsh as the sun can be straight on a shoot...I love the sun glare, the sunset, and the warm yellow it gives our pics.
 ...and of course...EVERYONE is in love with baby!
(peaceful sigh)...
 Could anything be better than a mother with her baby?
 One of my fav pics...

 Love that I married my best friend.  I have SO much fun with this man!  He always keeps me laughing!

 My heart goes pitter pat for this little boy!
 My kids are my life...I LOVE MY BOYS!

 Every woman has issues with herself...whether it be body weight, or some part she just doesn't like.  I am grateful my friend Mikki ALWAYS makes me feel beautiful in all the stages I've been through.  Thanks Mik!!!
 No need to get a room:)
 I had to post this pic of Rhonda from FOREVER BELA.  If you are ever needing a stylist...SHE IS YOUR WOMAN!  I am grateful for all her hard work and vision and taste.  I am lucky to have a new friend...  Thank you Rhonda...from the bottom of my heart.  You gave me exactly what I asked for.