10 October 2012

More Ferkovich clan!

Here are the sneak peek individuals of the families:)  I love these!  Hope you guys do too!
 I couldn't get these three to smile with their teeth all together for the LIFE of me...but how cute are they anyway?
 He was being teased by his sisters about a girl...and still tried to stand strong without a big smile.  What a cutie...
 Now THAT'S more like it! He he...
 Sweet girl you are so cute when you flash that big smile of yours!
 I absolutely ADORE this pic of Lola & Alan.
 Yes men...this gorgeous woman is available!  But you have to be pretty special if you want to catch her eye:)
 I've said it before and I'll say it again...I love the warm yellows of fall!  This family is adorable...look at the red heads!  Little miss polka dot is so stinking cute!
 So there is a reason I have two of this family up..."one of these things is not like the other"...YES...the D.O.G.  Charlie is family too!
 These guys are in my ward and good friends of ours.  I truly love this family with all my heart.  You won't find better people.
 The sweet family makes me smile.  And look..."most" of them are smiling with TEETH! HAHA...got ya!
 These kiddos I can never get enough of...SO gorgeous!
 Someone got promised candy if they smiled!  I don't care...I'LL TAKE IT!
 Miss "C" is C.U.T.E.!
 I'm always joking with Mr. "D" that he smiles funny/fake....but this...THIS...is real and makes me laugh!  He is so handsome!
 Miss "M"...WOWZA'S....how stunning....Boys...watch out....for dad that is...
 Two of my Favorite people!  Beautiful couple:)
Thanks guys for letting me be a part of your big happy family for the night!  GOOD TIMES!