11 October 2012

Fall Mini Shoots! "M" Family...

Day #1 of my Fall Family mini shoots was awesome!  What a BEAUTIFUL family these guys are!
 Great people we know and love...

 These kids are adorable!  The smallest Mr. "K" is so tiny, I LOVE IT!  But he is always copying his big brother even with stunts on his bike!  Yowza's!
  Can I take him home with me please?  SO stinking cute!

 What a darling trio...just wanna squish 'em!
 I love these kinds of shots.  It reminds me of when couples first fall in love and are so twitter-pated!  Isn't she lovely?
 All I can say is..."awe".

  Now this one...love the kid!  He's in our Primary class and I could laugh at this kids comments all day:)
  What a little beauty!

Thank you guys for a great time!