29 April 2013

Buckley Clan

This is my brother Christian and his beautiful wife Kendal and sweet kids.  I had the opportunity to not only take their family pictures...but also Elder Preston Buckley's mission pics.  
 Love them!
 Cheesy grins and all...love this pic!
 He is serving in AZ right now...so proud of him!  His sister Audrey put her papers in and we are waiting to hear where she is going! (nail biting)
 I love the quote..."Missionaries leave their families for two years, so others can be with theirs for eternity."  I feel it goes with this picture so fittingly...
 Love this pic of Preston...so sure of himself...so content where he is going.
 Miss Audrey is SO gorgeous.  Her eyes are INCREDIBLE!
 Sweet Nick...such a cute kid.
 And who could forget Mr. Josh...always smiling...being goofy.
What a COLD but fun day with the Buckley's!!!