30 April 2013

Mikki & Company

This is Mikki.  I've been friends with her for years now.  Love her SO much!  She is also an amazing photographer.  I love that we can count on each other for tips, tricks, and to take each others pictures.  We love that we can edit our own pics...but I wanted to edit a few of my favorites as well. I loved this spot that she picked and the sun was amazing!  It was so hard picking because there were so many great ones...but I LOVE these so enjoy!

 CUTE...CUTE...CUTE!  Need I say more?  Nope!
 The mountains in the background are so majestic and beautiful.
 This was one of the last pictures taken when the sun was setting...so romantic.

 It's very rare that she gets in front of the camera, so this was a fun pic to take.  Especially cause she is ALWAYS smiling with those cute dimples...so this was also something different for her.  WOW, she is GORGEOUS!
 The kids couldn't keep away from the sand so if you can't beat them...join them!